D.C. Entrepreneurship Week, to be held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, was created out of a desire to bolster the thriving business community in the Washington DC area; a region that boasts the 5th highest concentration of entrepreneurs in the country (Grasshopper Group, July 2010). Designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, the multi-faceted symposium aims to answer... Read More About DCEW »

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Simon Dixon

Simon Dixon founded Rock-it! Media in 1991 as a company specializing in advertising, media brokering and promotions. Simon saw an opportunity to take advantage of the large amounts of media inventory that go unused every day in media outlets around the world. The media broking system Simon developed allowed his clients to buy major market media and promotions at hugely reduced costs. Simon has structured transactions across the US and internationally including China, Japan, Malaysia and the UK. Clients have included General Motors, American Airlines, the Washington Wizards and Capitals, Clear Channel Communications, CBS and a long list of others. In 2006 Simon merged his company with Idea Engineering. Idea Engineering’s multi-faceted creative and strategy team take companies, products and initiatives all the way from naming and brand creation through to website and print design and advertising, media creation and social media campaigns. Simon serves on the board of directors of Women’s Economic Ventures in Santa Barbara CA and enjoys delivering lectures on marketing and personal inspiration to entrepreneurs and those with entrepreneurial spirit.